Bambi wishes Canada would repatriate her friends stuck in Spain (hit hard by COVID-19) in the same way as this Hollywood ending in Beirut

“A Lebanese-American citizen who had faced decades-old murder and torture charges in Lebanon has been freed, a U.S. senator who had pushed for his release announced Thursday.” These are the beginning of an article in Naharnet (March 19, 2020):

Why is the US government going out of its way to that extent to help this man who was accused of involvement in torture at a HORRIBLE prison, called Khiam, during the Israeli occupation?

This story is a borderline case of an American invasion of another country.

An American helicopter carrying the Lebanese-American citizen who faced murder and torture-old charges. Picture taken from Naharnet

One can wonder: why did Lebanon (i.e., Hezbollah) let this happen? What did they get in exchange?

This story makes Bambi remember an adventure one of her Lebanese-Canadian friends had in Spain a few years ago. She and her family members were swimming at their hotel when they saw someone come and steal their bag (it had their camera, passports, tickets, and money). Sadly, they did not have enough time to get out of water and run fast to do something about it. The story happened during a weekend.They called the Canadian embassy for help. Closed for the weekend. They tried the Lebanese embassy. Believe it or not, over the same weekend, the Lebanese authorities did urgent calls to Beirut. They received temporary travel documents and even cash money to allow them to get to the airport to return home :)!

To come back to Bambi’s friends, she is reassured they are safe and sound. However, she is worried about them. She would love to hear that they will be able to come back home (just like Australian citizens who were repatriated to their country). Mr. Trudeau said today that Canada is working hard on this matter. This is promising news. Please work faster. Until then, “bon courage chers amis”! Bambi and her spouse love you :).

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