The numbers speak volumes: Lebanon hit hard by its economic crisis!

In the following French article by Ms. Magaly Abboud in the l’Orient Le Jour, one of the Lebanese major daily newspapers (, we can read the following:

“About 220 000 job losses since October, 2019; 60,000 since December.”

“Over half of the businessses interviewed by Infopro in January 2020 have cut the pays of their employees.”

This is HUGE. This is sad.

A screenshot picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour (February 11, 2020)

Will the new Government get the trust of the Parliament of Lebanon tomorrow and on Thursday?

What about earning the trust of the people?

After all, they are the ones paying for their political leaders’ corruption (i.e., funds stolen… without accountability yet) and/or for their mismanagement?

To conclude this post on a note of hope, Bambi had wished (OK still wishes, if at all realistically possible?) to see the same level of professionalism and talent in the Lebanese politicians as in “Captain George Deeb, along with Co-Captain Karl Stefan,” who “managed to take control of the Airbus 330 while it was landing at Heathrow in London despite the storm”.

Indeed, “the move showed the professionalism of MEA captains” (“Lebanon online” on Youtube).

Bravo to the Lebanese pilots ?!

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