Saltwire Network: “A deer enjoys the Truro snow”… and no, it is not Bambi

A contributed picture, Cindy Day’s article (January 25th, 2020)

The beautiful picture above was published in the following article:

This post is of personal interest to Bambi (it is always nice to see relatives featured in local newspapers :)). More seriously, Bambi is always fascinated by wildlife. We are well served across Canada, especially in our beautiful Atlantic provinces.

As of Truro, in the nearby Nova Scotia, Bambi loves this place: .

It is hard for her to put a finger on the exact reason but she often finds herself literally “dreaming” of visiting this town with her spouse. A couple of times, she has convinced him to do so and they had a great time there. No, it was not only because of Truro’s delicious fish and chips (Murphy’s!). It is a charming place to discover. Plus, they have wonderful memories with Bambi’s parents there. They also enjoy the town even when they have to drive there to visit its hospital. Last but not least, it is the half-way point between Sackville, NB and Halifax, NS. What a nice stop to refresh, whether we are driving or commuting by bus or by train.

All this being said, deer do not really distinguish between provinces and territories. They are all over a natural habitat by definition. Sometimes sadly, they are dead bodies on highways, hit by cars or trucks. Other times, they are delicious meat on our plates.

To conclude this post, Bambi would like to thank all the deer of the world for their existence. Mind you, her (human) mom and dad also appreciate deer. After all, they chose her own name (the real one), based on an Arabic poem honouring a deer that a hunter (the poet) could not kill. Because he found it too cute, he preferred to set it free at the very last minute. This is how he ended up writing a famous poem about it.

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