Beirut in limbo

Bambi is happy to visit Beirut, despite the tragic times.

Beirut is in limbo, both economically and politically.

Politicians are totally disconnected from their population.

After two peaceful months of “revolution”, things changed dramatically over this past weekend. Indeed, violent clashes took place in downtown Beirut on Saturday and Sunday nights.

According to caretaker Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan and many demonstrators who spoke to the media, “infiltrators” may have been responsible for the violence.

It seems that some of those “infiltrators” even started beating some demonstrators.

Others started breaking store windows, beautiful decorations, and even plants.

Lebanese police forces used tear gas and water bombs. Indeed, one of Bambi’s sisters and her spouse had to jump as fast as deer to escape a tear gas bomb. Bambi thinks they are crazy… but the world sometimes needs crazy, courageous folks to get populations out of limbo.  

Anyhow, over 40 citizens and 76 police officers were injured (some with stones, it seems).  

Political consultations to name a Prime Minister were delayed until Thursday (what a surprise).

Throughout all this, the outcry of citizens against hunger and for a dignified life is simply heartbreaking.

Many people lost their jobs. Others had a pay cut. Yet others are concerned about the future.

People stand in line to withdraw a limit of $300 per week. Some banks imposed a limit of $100 even. No one can transfer any US$ abroad or pay a credit card with US currency.  

The future of the country is unknown for sure.

Regardless of the revolution’s outcome, Lebanese people’s courage, creativity, humour in the adversity, determination, and apparent solidarity (at least for now?) are inspiring to say the least.

People’s qualities are their assets, which can allow them to keep rising above conflicts for the sake of their country. Will the current or caretaker Lebanese political politicians also know how to do so?  

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