Free trip abroad

Bambi read a recent article by Ms. Amelia Fleming with much interest:

From this article, she learned that some members of the university expressed concerns over a visit of a couple of plain-clothes RCMP officers to a public event (i.e., a visiting author’s talk about the mining industry in Canada).

First, bravo to the talented author of this article. Bambi is a faithful reader of Ms. Fleming.

Second, she has three comments or rather questions to the concerned members of the university:

  1. Aren’t police officers (especially out of uniform) allowed to attend a public event?
  2. Will Dr. Thomas share with us what he will learn from his request of access to information regarding the described incident?
  3. Are the concerned members of the university interested in a gift from Bambi: a free ticket to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, China, or even Russia? Perhaps upon returning from such a trip they will tell her if they still consider Canada to be a police state ??

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