How sad to see the Middle East issues once again migrating to Canada

Bambi just read the news and watched the video below.

See for yourself:

Today, this happened at York University (Toronto).

Yesterday and decades before yesterday, it used to happen at Concordia University (Montreal) or elsewhere.

Bambi is writing this post, without caring about people’s opinions (each has one and she has hers).

She is just sick and tired of seeing conflicts from abroad disturbing our beautiful campuses or cities. This regardless of whom is (more) wrong or right.

Before reading Global news and watching the video, she has considered writing an initial post about Mr. Trudeau’s change of vote on the UN.

Last December, when she travelled to Beirut, all the Middle East Airline (MEA) planes played a famous song by Feiruz, a Lebanese singer, for Jerusalem following landing in all capitals they stopped in (this came as a reaction to Trump’s unilateral decision to move the American embassy there). The song’s piece was about a prayer for peace in this so-called holy city. It was a nice gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Bambi is and has always been for peace and justice, that is for a two-state-solution to this endless conflict in the Middle East. In all honesty, despite faith in her heart, she does not care much about the spiritual/religious part of the issue related to Jerusalem. She cares more about human and citizen rights, let’s say.

This is why, she applauded Trudeau’s change of vote 2-3 days ago.

Some say Canada did this just to win a seat on the UN. Maybe? Some say he could not do it before because of the NAFTA negotiations. Maybe? Some say it is odd to be appearing to side with the dictators of the world on this issue. Maybe?

Regardless, it is a position that is more congruent with a two-state-solution (if at all realistically possible, given the level of deep hurt or hatred). It is also a position that appears to be more “Canadian”, so to speak. This, even if Bambi also respects earlier decisions. In the end, the problem is too deep. She even doubts it will be solved before the death of her grandchildren (OK, she is saying this because she does not have kids).

More seriously, Bambi will say: Thank you Mr. Trudeau, even if she did not vote for you a second time.  

Yes, the Palestinians suffer under occupation and further continuous colonization. Yes, it breaks Bambi’s heart. However, her heart also breaks to read about Israeli kids (or any kids!) worried about safety, for real (violence of some sort) or not (perceived fear). So, everyone deserves a solution to this problem. Mind you, so does Lebanon that has directly suffered from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (triangulated into civil war).

To the people fighting in the Middle East and to the overzealous students at York University, she will say:

Enough violence. Enough extremism (ideological or religious or whatever else). Enough stupidity, please… and not in our peaceful Canada.

Let’s listen to each other, even if we do not like what the other will say.

It is only with continuous, and of course respectful, open channels of communication that trust can be re-built on day.

Without trust, there can be no hope for peace.

Peace starts in our hearts, between our ears (there is brain there, let’s use it!), in our relationships, in our cities or countries, established ones or countries yet to be built.

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