France 24: “Three Lebanese parties agree to nominate Mohammad Safadi as PM” but politicians turn a deaf ear to a month of protests demanding a government of experts who will draft a legislative electoral law

Lebanese politicians turn a deaf ear to protestors’ demands

The earlier post was about bad leaders. The current post is a 101 political science course about mismanagement of revolts.

Kids went to school today, at least some of them. Private hospitals across the country were on strike. Banks remain closed. Bank employees are still on strike. People are still massively AND peacefully protesting on the streets.

Whilst the financial crisis is critical, Lebanese politicians keep recycling themselves in order to remain in power.

Is stability of the “shit” safer than the “shit” that some fear in the unknown?

Please excuse Bambi’s language. She is usually polite. Luckily English is not her first language. Thus, this word sounds milder than its equivalent word in Arabic that she will spare you :).

May respect, common sense, and peace prevail.

May impunity and political stupidity truly end!

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