Do we live in a fascist small town that prides itself for being progressive… or is this an illegal act by a single uncivilized citizen?

Yesterday evening, Bambi and her spouse decided to help one of the candidates for the federal elections who does not live in Sackville and who happens to be physically disabled (yet highly energetic!).

Bambi will name Ms. Nancy Mercier, running for the PPC (the new and perhaps growing national party of Mr. Maxime Bernier).

Bambi thought that Ms. Mercier would have trouble accessing our streets. It turned out that, once again, she had more trouble accessing our fellow citizens’ closed minds.

How sad for Sackville and Canada. Bambi naively imagined that such acts only happen in other less developed countries…. Welcome to Canada of 2019 ☹.  

Last spring, someone threatened the Painted Pony Restaurant that was supposed to host her Meet & Greet. Likely out of fear, the restaurant ended up cancelling the dinner (losing business).

Bambi wanted to attend that dinner to meet this new politician out of curiosity. In disbelief, she thought to herself: Wow, even in Beirut public events take place with any political party. Restaurants and pubs welcome any business by anyone running, even by parties as heavily armed as the Hizbollah or by parties they may not particularly like (perhaps even past “enemies” during civil war). What matters the most would be to earn a living. In other terms, to be as prosperous as possible.

Anyhow, that story is old news. However, a few days ago, someone vandalized Ms. Mercier’s ad at the Main Street exit toward Nova Scotia. One must add that not a single nearby ad of the other candidates was touched. How convenient.

These acts should be denounced by all candidates and by all citizens, in Bambi’s mind.

To continue the saga of Ms. Mercier in our town yesterday night (around 10:30 PM), Bambi and her spouse (fast-running deer, one driving and one running!), put three additional signs in town with the name of Ms. Mercier and the purple colour of her party.

Putting a sign does not remove any esteem or fond respect they have for the other candidates to whom they wish good luck!

Just in the recent past and almost all her life (minus once), Bambi voted for the party of one of our other candidates. Not this time and it is not because of this highly competent candidate. It is rather because of the silly and hypocritical times we live in…

Her vote will not be set in stone. For now, it has been earned (bravo and thank you to Mr. Bernier, along with the decent Nancy Mercier), regardless of the outcome on October 21, 2019.

This being said, Bambi would like to see all the other parties having a significant representation in our parliament. All of them have something good about them. Something Canadian. Diversity of opinions is a sign of a healthy democracy. The absence of diversity of opinions should worry us all.

Anyhow, to come back to Ms. Mercier’s sign, one of them was put on the corner of York and Lansdowne Streets near the border of the road, which is a municipal property (not a private property).

Removing or vandalizing a federal electora sign is considered illegal when it is a public space (i.e. border of a street).

Would the person who took it down have the decency of returning it (Ms. Mercier is on a tight budget) or… at least the civilized act of recycling it?

One thought on “Do we live in a fascist small town that prides itself for being progressive… or is this an illegal act by a single uncivilized citizen?”

  1. I think that the powers-that-are are ganging up on the PPC, because they’re the only ones saying something truly different.

    Interestingly, I’ve recently come across a former hard-leftist, a former Conservative and two former Liberals who all intend to vote PPC. The support isn’t only coming from former Conservative voters.

    With many ridings on a 5-way race, and some ridings in Quebec in a 6-way race, it’s quite conceivable that seats will be won with 20-30% of the vote, so the overall results could be very interesting.

    This is a great time to remind Liberals that they were elected in part on a commitment to change the electoral system (presumably more towards a proportional representation system – perhaps a mixed system such as that used in Germany or New Zealand). One more of their failed commitments. Their calculation was presumably that in a first-past-the-post system, they were more likely to achieve a majority, and that’s obviously more important to them than their promises!

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