Thank Goodness Beirut youth seem to be less prone to manipulation

Thank Goodness Beirut youth, population, and school ruling authorities seem to be less prone to manipulation, compared to the Western World; despite a Lebanese diaspora in Sweden, home country of Greta T. (about 27,000 in 2016)

This picture Bambi took it from the Twitter account of Greta Thunberg. This is a Friday strike in Beirut, Lebanon, that Greta (or her PR team taking care of her social media communication) are bragging about.

Recognizing that more than anywhere else in the world, respect for the environment is a TRUE crisis in Lebanon (sadly due to high pollution), Bambi can count only 30 youths in this picture (likely university students). They are walking on the street, protected by police cars and police officers walking with them. We can see the long traffic behind, as if Beirut needed another excuse for more traffic.

Recently, the Lebanese Government declared a state of emergency… But not due to climate change, rather to a deep economic crisis (Bambi would add also to corruption, although not sure which comes first). At least people try to do something about corruption by naming it and denouncing it. At least citizens know when they are being taken for a ride, whether by their own politicians or by external trendy movements.

Lebanon has so many sad issues but, at least, it seems to be resistant to pressure on the education front (schools and universities). Bambi worries that with the Pope embracing communist ideas, things may change over there due to the widespread Catholic influence (Christian schools, colleges, universities, and faith in people’s hearts; in other terms, Christian influence even in a multi-faith country with large Muslim influences).

Anyhow, instead of a movement like the Fridays for Future stemming out of Sweden, Bambi wishes that this country will stop selling weapons that contribute to *fires* here and there in the Arab world. Those fires may be imminently riskier than “the fire” in “our house” to use Greta’s own words.


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