Sackville Town Council & wage increase: Burning questions for Councillor Bill Evans

Bambi would like to briefly comment on an article by Ms. Katie Tower in the Sackville Tribune (September 9, 2019) entitled “Sackville town council could undergo salary review”

First, thank you Ms. Tower.

Second, Councillor Bill Evans is quoted saying:

“I knew what the compensation package was when I ran for office and I’m happy with it”.

Tower’s article continues to read as follows:

“Evans said he doesn’t support the idea of pursuing any kind of salary review, either by council itself or by a citizen-led committee. He said council is paid well, both in terms of salary and benefits, which includes a life, health and dental package.

“If you add those two together and you compare it to every other comparable-sized municipality in New Brunswick, we’re the best compensated,” he said. “We seem to be doing very well.”

Mmm… Bambi has three burning questions for Councillor Evan:

(1). Is your comment just an expression of an innocent virtue signalling?

(2). Or does this “Look at me, I am so good (always better than others)” attitude also serve to prevent your current or future colleagues from a potential wage increase?

(3). Maybe you do not need an increase yourself, for whatever reason. Good for you but what about others?

Regardless, your input on this matter may be perceived as being uncollegial.

Ironically, this could backfire on you in the outcomes of future elections.

One thought on “Sackville Town Council & wage increase: Burning questions for Councillor Bill Evans”

  1. Clearly, Evans isn’t doing it for the money that he gets from the town and doesn’t want competition from
    those for whom the small amount makes a difference.

    What makes it worthwhile for him?
    Love of humanity?

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