Laughter prescription: (Still) free… and no side effects!

You can smile (OK… only if you wish!)

Bambi would like to share a deep thought by Mr. Stéphane Laporte from La Presse that made her smile. This journalist’s daily thoughts can be quite sarcastic yet always clever.

Thought of the day by Mr. Stéphane Laporte (La Presse, Sept 13, 2018)

“Jagmeet Singh could become Prime Minister of Canada, but he could not become a primary (or elementary) school teacher in Québec” (Bambi’s translation).

«Jagmeet Singh pourrait devenir premier ministre du Canada, mais ne pourrait pas enseigner dans une école primaire au Québec» (Mr. Laporte’s original French text).

This thought reflects the cultural difference in the conceptualization of secularity between Québec and the rest of our country.

Yes, we can smile (and even laugh) at ourselves in any situation; of course, with all due respect to Mr. Singh (and his peers from all the other parties), to Canada, and to Québec (needless to say here that Bambi supports its laws, including Bill 21).

After reading this thought, Bambi felt the urge to be even more sarcastic than Mr. Laporte (it’s Friday night ?). She could not help not to think to herself:

Justin Trudeau could hardly remain Prime Minister of Canada, but he could easily become a school teacher again, even in Québec.

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