Mr. Kendji Girac: bravo for your humility and humanity. Please keep singing!

As many of you know, Bambi adores Mr. Kendji Girac whose songs are often featured on this blog.

On April 22nd, 2024, he and his family went through an ordeal that could have ended his life ( Thank Goodness, he has recovered. Indeed, he is on a healing journey and he wants to live, move forward, love, be loved, and sing again.

This post, which is meant to send this young and HIGHLY talented French singer/songwriter positive vibes across the ocean, will share his own heartfelt message while ending with his uplifting music.

Because Mr. Girac’s message is expressed in French, it will be followed by a quick English translation (thank you, Mr. Google Translate).

As for you Mr. Kendji Girac, please keep on taking good care… and BRAVO for your inspiring courage!

I am so stressed and happy at the same time to address all of you.

Since my message of May 10, I have not given you any news because I had to take care of myself and think about what had happened to understand how I got to this point and, above all, make the right decisions for the future.

I also wanted to let justice do its work. Now that this is the case, I am keen, since I am better, to speak out. I am reaching out to you with my words to tell you how much I truly regret everything that happened.

Before the accident and for some time, I had developed bad habits. I had entered a spiral that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Despite the advice of those around me, I was not aware of it at all and unfortunately, I got lost.

All that is not part of me, I’m not a boy like that, that’s why I’m telling you that I got lost and that I want to apologize to you today.

I almost lost my life, the love of my family, my audience, my friends.

My daughter almost lost her father.

I don’t know what happened. So I don’t plan on doing all these things again, obviously. I want to go back to being the boy I am deep inside.

The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes. We can always get back up in life. The most important thing is to understand it. To get the needed help so we don’t start again. That’s actually what I’m doing today.

I also understood that there are a lot of people who love me: my family, my friends, my daughter, my wife, my audience. All of this is the centre of my life, this is why I want to apologize to those I have hurt, to whom I have caused pain. I never wanted that.

God gave me this second chance. And it’s not for nothing. It’s to make things more beautiful. Now it’s all behind me”.

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