Mr. Mathieu Lewis: a pure singing/songwriting talent… made in New Brunswick, Canada!

Bambi made a recent discovery, which she called “a musical Acadian treasure“. The name of this precious artistic treasure is Mr. Mathieu Lewis. This post is meant to share his inspiring talent with you, dear readers.

In addition to being passionate about philosophy and education, Mr. Lewis is uniquely gifted in songwriting, music performance, and singing. When Bambi listened to his songs for the first time, she was both impressed and moved by this Moncton-based artist. Yes, she immediately fell in love with his music.

In all the YouTube videos shared below, we hear Mr. Lewis’ voice singing his own compositions while playing the guitar. In the first video, he performs with other highly talented peers: Ms. Laurence Larochelle (voice ), Mr. Kevin Lewis (guitar, voice). Mr. Jonathan Lewis (bass, voice), Mr. Matt Boudreau (percussions, voice). Bravo to all of them.

As you would notice yourself, especially if you understand French, the lyrics of Mr. Lewis’ songs are deep while sounding like music to the ears. Indeed, his diction is filled with beauty, namely because of the simplicity, accuracy, and creativity behind his choice of words. The latter seem to be in great harmony with Lewis’ skills in guitar playing.

Of note, in 2019, Mr. Mathieu Lewis won the ChansonStar competition at the prestigious Caraquet Song Gala with his composition L’éteinciel (what a clever play on words) . In the grande finale, Ms. Katrine Noël, from the Les Hay Babies group performed Mr. Lewis’ composition. His winning song was determined 70% by the competition jury and 30% by public voting (

Please Mr. Mathieu Lewis keep writing songs, composing music, singing, and sharing with all of us. Your talent is a richness not just for Atlantic Canada, especially its Acadian music and culture, but also for the entire world!

One thought on “Mr. Mathieu Lewis: a pure singing/songwriting talent… made in New Brunswick, Canada!”

  1. This is Bambi commenting on her own post. Mr. Lewis’ talent was privately highlighted to Bambi by readers located in different countries. His guitar techniques and his musical style was particularly appreciated. He has new fans now, in addition to Bambi :).

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