Mr. Nicola Ciccone: thanks/merci for your new song about the Fête nationale du Québec (formerly known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day)!

Bambi is not confusing the dates, she can assure you.

Today is June 10th and its Jessy’s birthday. Happy Birthday to her with much love ❤️!

In two weeks, yes on June 24th, it would be the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (now called the Fête Nationale du Québec).

From the Canadian Encyclopedia (, one can read the following about this special day: “Held annually on 24 June, the Fête nationale du Québec (formerly known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day) has been a statutory holiday in Québec since 1925. Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day has been celebrated in North America since the early days of New France. Originally a religious celebration, it took a more patriotic turn in 1834 with Ludger Duvernay. The first Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day parade took place in Montréal in 1843. Since 1984, the Mouvement national des Québécoises et Québécois (MNQ) has organized the festivities of the Fête nationale du Québec. Various francophone communities across Canada also celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day”.

Thank you, Mr. Nicola Ciccone for your lovely new song with a little hint to the Italian community of Québec :). Long live Bambi’s awesome childhood friend Jessy, music, summertime, the Canadian and international Francophonie, the Belle Province, and all the other French-speaking communities of Canada, including the Acadians and the Brayons (or people of Madawaska) in New Brunswick!

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