My Way/Comme d’habitude: isn’t the performance of Marc Hervieux uplifting?

This musical post shares an uplifting bilingual performance by Mr. Marc Hervieux.

The selected song is My Way, which was originally written in French as “Comme d’habitude” by Mr. Jacques Revaux and Mr. Gilles Thibault, along with Mr. Claude François (the singer).

Of note, It was Mr. Paul Anka who came up with the English lyrics for this beautiful melody ( My Way was popularized in 1969 by Mr. Frank Sinatra (

In the language of Shakespeare, My Way is about one’s creativity and agency. In the language of Molière, Comme d’habitude tells the story of a couple’s separation, namely the end of love that united Mr. François and Ms. France Galle for three years (

May you keep creating the life you love to live. May your relationships, with both yourself and others, be enriching and inspiring. Happy weekend to all of you!

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