Mr. Hank Snow: Bambi thanks the reader who shared his beautiful song

Following her post on the beauty of Canada, a dear friend and reader of this blog sent Bambi a song by the late Mr. Hank Snow, which she would like to share with you now.

What a beautiful discovery of a “distinctive voice” to use the precise words of this reader. Indeed, Bambi fell in love with the song in question, which is entitled “I’ve been everywhere“. Of note, she was fascinated also by Mr. Snow’s great memory and fast performance without any grammatical error.

For those of you who do not know Mr. Snow, despite his fame, he was a Nova Scotian (i.e., South Shore) . From what Bambi understood is that, as a young man, he travelled to Tennessee where he established himself as a country and western singer. He succeeded in becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry ( in Nashville. Bravo to him for his great success as a recording and performing artist in the United States of America during the 1950’s. What a pride for the Maritimes!

Of note, Bambi is grateful for her new musical discovery. If she may, she will now offer this song to another friend who has travelled to many places and who happens to celebrate his birthday [hello to Charbel and his family :)]!

This being said, this musical post will end with two other songs related to travels, one in Algerian-Arabic and the other in French (translated into English). Safe travels to all the travellers, regardless of their destination. Who knows? If not a geographical place, the latter may be an internal journey of self-discovery and, hopefully, of increased lucidity and inner peace.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Hank Snow: Bambi thanks the reader who shared his beautiful song”

        1. May your face be always filled with smiles, Fred. Life is too short. Smiles, and even laughter, make it more fun. This is easy with your sense of humour :).

          1. Thanks for saying so Bambi. I should amend what I said earlier: Gordon Lightfoot AND Martin Short always make me laugh.

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