Middle East: may God help people and bring wisdom to those playing with the fire

There is sadly an escalation of violence in the Middle East (https://shorturl.at/pwELT), ironically occurring on April 13 (as per the older post shown below).

Enough is enough… No to violence. No to wars.

Yes to peace, healing, and prosperity.

May ONLY love have the final word in our world.

4 thoughts on “Middle East: may God help people and bring wisdom to those playing with the fire”

  1. It is a very nice wish that Is ours too, but as long as there are greedy countries and politic strategies ,war will start and finish as a game for powerful countries. Only weak people pay the price. We live and die dreaming sadly.
    It is a blessing to have moments of joy like birthdays etc… happy birthday to Rita🎂🎂

    1. True, sadly… and Bambi thanks you Aline for your kind wishes to Rita. She will be happy to read them : ).

  2. I agree with Bambi (except for the Celien Dion content.)

    This is what I posted on my FB today as of 5 PM April 13th “I hope Israel takes a mostly defensive reaction to these drone attacks and not respond tit-for-tat if possible.”

    I say that because, assuming they are just drones, I read Israel is capable of deflecting these drones and possibly with help from allies. If there is no serious damage to people, important buildings or important infrastructure, then it could be possible to brush off the attack with diplomatic language. Again, that is assuming there are no further attacks from Iran.

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