A total eclipse is more magical when it is of the sun versus the heart, isn’t it?

Did you watch and enjoy the total solar eclipse?

Thanks to National Geographic for the brief YouTube video explaining the phenomenon of a solar eclipse.

This being said, thank you Ms. Bonnie Tyler for your unique love song entitled Total Eclipse of the Heart.

If she may, Bambi will now offer Ms. Tyler’s old song to the sun and the moon 🙂 as well as to Roula and Doudou because it marked the start of their ongoing love story since 1980-81. At the time, Roula was 13 and her youngest sister Bambi just 9. Roula met true love while biking in the neighbourhood’s public garden during civil war times. As for Bambi, she has been blessed then, as she began having a living brother for the first time. Slightly later, as a teenager too, Bambi’s other sister Rania met Rabih who became her second brother :).

To conclude this brief post, with or without a total solar eclipse in your day, with or without love, may the magic of nature and the beauty of human encounters entertain and enrich your lives!


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