Mothers’ day: yes, it is on March 21st in most of the Middle East

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March 21st is Mother’s Day in many, if not most, countries of the Middle East.

Of course, March 21st also coincides with the spring equinox (keeping in mind that, due to the leap year, the start of spring arrived a day earlier in 2024).

Bambi wishes everyone highlighting Mother’s day a beautiful one!

As far as she is concerned, she sends her love to her sisters, relatives, friends, and readers who may be celebrating motherhood. Of course, this year has a different flavour in her family with our beloved Robine in heaven since end of August. If she may, Bambi would like to offer her mom a song, hoping you will enjoy it too. It is by Mr. Claudio Capéo and it is in French and Italian (subtitled in both languages).

A picture of Robine shared by Bambi’s sister.

10 thoughts on “Mothers’ day: yes, it is on March 21st in most of the Middle East”

  1. Even though Bambi is not my mother by blood she is in my soul! A shout-out to the gift I didnt dream of recieving♡
    Thank you bambi for having entered my life, for the never ending positivity you shine and for having a blessed and big heart the whole world should know of. We live far away but you are on my mind often and always in my heart ❤️✨️

    1. Ohh— Salome, Bambi is moved by your kind words beyond words and to tears. She says the same about you (+ Bente) 🌷💕. Same for your entire wonderful family. What an honour for Bambi that you entered her life [and her blog :)]. You have enriched it in so many ways. Thank you/“Dank u well” for being her eternal friend, across the miles. Geographical distance is surely not as meaningful as the distance between our hearts and souls. Bambi loves you a lot ❤️!

    1. Many thanks sweetest, Leila 💕🌷. Peace to your heart too. Happy Mothers’ [and grandmothers :)] Day to you! Thank you for being an inspiration to Bambi in so many ways, including motherhood!

  2. What a beautiful and happy photo of your mom! Miss her always.
    Thank you Bambi! Happy Lebanese Mother’s Day! Thinking of all past, present and future mothers and all the amazing mothers at heart.

    1. Oh, Bambi is moved reading your beautiful words dearest Zeina. Mom loved you soooo much. We all do. We are family, not just former neighbours and friends. Happy Lebanese Mothers’ Day to the most inspiring mom! In two months, you will be celebrated as well :). OK every day, of course. Bambi loves you and misses you.

  3. Mothers live always in our thoughts and hearts. Their words and acts come smoothly to us in every step we take.
    She said…. she did…. she told me to do…. she would have say……
    They float around us.
    Happy mother’s day to all❤️❤️

    1. How well said, many thanks dearest Aline. Happy Mother’s Day to the WONDERFUL mom that you are :). Bless your mom too [she did a great job in raising you :). Are you smiling now?]!

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