Bravo to Dr. Roula Azar Douglas!

“Mabrouk”!!! Congratulations!! “Félicitations”! Bravo, Dr. Roula Azar-Douglas!!!

From now on, when citing her sister’s work or articles, Bambi will refer to Roula as: Dr. Roula Azar-Douglas (or Dr. Douglas or Dr. Azar or our Dr. Roula “habibet albana kilina”, which means our beloved Dr. Roula!).

Indeed, as you can see and watch below, the happiest news of the day is that Roula successfully defended her PhD dissertation with the highest distinction from the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon. Wow!

Dr. Roula Azar-Douglas’ doctorate is in Humanities (or Human sciences), Specialty in Information and Communication Sciences [“Doctorat en sciences humaines, spécialité sciences de l’information et de la communication”]. Her PhD dissertation is entitled: The Lebanese press through the prism of gender: from the visible to the invisible. Analysis of the representation of women in an-Nahar and al-Akhbar (January 2019 to February 2020 [“La presse libanaise au prisme du genre: du visible à l’invisible. Analysede la représentation des femmes dans an-Nahar et al-Akhbar (janvier 2019 à février 2020“]. Her jury was composed of five members, including the President. One of those members was from abroad (Irak-based).

Of note, Dr. Azar-Douglas earned the highest academic distinction of “Very Honourable” with congratulations from her PhD Jury members! Yes, she successful completed a highly rigorous research in a timely manner, as documented in her dissertation. Impressively, yet not surprisingly, she achieved this academic success in incredibly challenging circumstances from the micro level to the macro levels of life. Bambi is referring to personal, family, country, and even more global circumstances from a financial crash, to a massive explosion, to an ongoing regional war, without forgetting the pandemic in the middle of all this.

In addition to being the most wonderful mother, daughter, sister, friend, journalist, mentor (to both Lebanese and international trainees), and researcher, Dr. Azar-Douglas is the Editorial manager of l’Orient des Campus at l’Orient-Le jour. She is a professor at the Faculty of Information at the Lebanese University. She is a lecturer at Université Saint-Joseph. She is also a member of the UN-Women Civil Society Advisory Group for the Arab States. Last but not least, Dr. Azar-Douglas is a stellar novelist.

To conclude, Bambi is very moved now. She will say the following to her sister: Once again, you make us all so proud, “Dr. Roula”! In addition to the endless love uniting us, Bambi thanks you for having been a source of inspiration to her and to so MANY of us. Please keep being your authentic and talented self: Academia and the mainstream media need competent scholars filled with both rigour and humanity.

As for Dr. Azar-Douglas’ smaller and larger family, Bambi sends them her congratulations. Roula’s success is theirs too and ours all. Bravo to each one of you for the continuous support and cheers now… needless to say that the latter thought goes not just to dad et al., but also to Robine in heaven who is very proud of her daughter, today more than ever!

Mabrouk “Ma grande“! Je t’aime tant Roula, la Dre préféree de Bambi 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️.

Dr. Roula Azar-Douglas with four of her five PhD jury members

9 thoughts on “Bravo to Dr. Roula Azar Douglas!”

  1. A huge congratulations to Dr. Roula and to Tony and Robine in Heaven. I was honoured to have met Roula last September. الف الف مبروك وتهانينا القلبية 👏👏👏

  2. This is Bambi posting the following comment to Roula on behalf of a kind and generous reader:
    “Heartiest congratulations to someone I do not know but feel the similarities of your sister in your activities. A salute to your new life which seems very full indeed. P Anne Winter Psychotherapist Retired”

  3. Terrific news!! Making your Family so proud!! It is a wonderful piece of news to everyone in your Family and your Family of Friends!! Very proud of your accomplishments !

  4. Wawwww!!!! What a wonderful news👏👏👏👏 bravooo à notre chère Roula❤️❤️ vous êtes sûrement si fiers d’elle 😍😍 Dr Roula FÉLICITATIONS 👏👏👏 tu mérites tout le meilleur 😘😘😘

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