Ramadan Kareem: Bambi wishes her readers, friends, and relatives a blessed month!

Serenity, healing, love, and peace to all!

Regardless of the precise start of Ramadan, depending on the sight of the crescent moon, one thing is sure: this month, which is holiest for Muslims around the world, is coming VERY soon.

Thus, Bambi wants to be faster than the forthcoming baby moon by wishing those of you who are planning to highlight this month the following: may you have a smooth start of day fasting (if you can medically practice it). May your prayers be heard, may your self-reflection be meaningful, and may God bless the hand that you will generously extend to support the less fortunate.

This post will end with a brief English video featuring the Lebanese recipe of Tabbouleh salad, thanks to Feel Good Foodie. May Ramadan bring you inner peace as well as socially enriching evenings of delicious “Iftar“moments. Ramadan Kareem!

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