Did you know that today you can officially hate coriander?

In an older post, Bambi once wrote: “Some declared days (no clue by whom) are highly important, raising awareness about this health condition or that historic event. Others seem odd or funny...” Well, today may be one of those strange days as it is the “International I Hate Coriander Day” (https://shorturl.at/gwyZ9).

Coriander, also called cilantro, grows very easily in most of Western Asia and Southern Europe (https://shorturl.at/einJ9). It is very common in Mediterranean cuisine. Even Bambi who is not the greatest, or most diligent, cook knows how to pair coriander with cumin in the Lebanese recipes her late mom gave her over the years. She even learned this trick from the “King of the kitchen”. Yes, it is you “Chef Luigi”, if you happen to be reading :). She considers herself blessed because she happens to adore coriander and especially cumin!

Of course, despite the genetic and cultural influences, taste is a very personal matter. Moreover, taste preferences can change over time. Some people have all the reasons of the world to passionately hate coriander. Maybe it is a bit similar to how Bambi is not fond of cinnamon (and its smell) in deserts? Regardless, she has never imagined we would need to have a declared international day where we hate coriander :).

Regardless of the above, Bambi wishes you a Happy International I Hate Coriander Day with a kids songs on vegetables, which excludes coriander and many other yummy vegetables. Please, make no mistake, this “exclusion” is just for fun and for today ONLY since she is not into boycotting any food, especially when it is delicious!

2 thoughts on “Did you know that today you can officially hate coriander?”

  1. Such a nice holiday as it reminds me of Uncle Bernie and Aunt Tema. Both were gardening enthusiasts from their expansive home in Burlington, Ontario. Tema was a control freak, a psychologist and an excellent cook. When savouring one of her sumptuous repasts, Tema would smack her lips and ponder what herb or spice was lacking. “Coriander!” she exclaimed loudly one evening. “Bernard, go pick some fresh coriander from the garden!” she dispatched her servile engineer husband (who was already eating his own supper) to pick green leaves from the garden. Yes, Uncle Bernie doubtless would have enjoyed hating on coriander and muttering under his breath all the way while ploughing under the garden, smiling subtly.

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