Ms. Marilyne Naaman: isn’t she full of talent?

Today, Bambi made a lovely musical discovery. Her name is Ms. Marilyne Naaman. Who knows? Maybe those of you reading this post from out of Lebanon or France, you are already familiar with her talent.

Regardless of the above, this artist’s Youtube page describes her as follows: “Hello, I am Marilyne Naaman, a Lebanese actress and singer, born in 1998 in Beirut. I love Lebanon, flowers, the sun, summer, ice cream, friendships, coffee, music, the jasmine plant, laughter, jokes, the beginning of love stories, Fairouz, films, the kids’ world, the colors pink, red, and green, chocolate, drawings, The Voice France, clouds, tattoos, Paris, parties, socks, and watermelons”.

In this post, Bambi will share with you three songs performed by Ms. Naaman. The first is her most recent one, entitled Masafi [Distance] and it is sub-titled in English. This song was directed by Ms. Lynn Tawilé. Both the lyrics and music are by Mr. Jad Obeid. As for the production, it is by Mr. Elie Akl. The second song is a Standard Arabic adaptation of “Hallelujah“, which was written by Canadian late and great singer Mr. Leonard Cohen (1984). Ms. Naaman performed the latter at the “Shining Stars of Hope” event (December 29, 2023) of the Takreem Foundation. Established in 2009, this organization honours Arab accomplishments by “bringing Arab achievers to the forefront of the global stage” ( As for Ms. Naaman’s third and last song, it is her impressive performance in the French La Voix [The Voice] of Dalida’s “Mourir sur scène” [To Die on Stage]. Of note, this song includes a Lebanese-Arabic translation at its end.

Ms. Naaman, please keep singing. Your voice brings both sweetness and depth to our troubled world, which sadly remains filled with senseless violence.

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