Mr. Pierre Bachelet: A friendly wink to heaven to salute his talent on the eve of the anniversary of his death

Thank Goodness talent is immortal…

On this Saint-Valentin’s evening, it is already past midnight in both France and Lebanon (sad anniversary of his death), Bambi will pause to honour the memory of Mr. Pierre Bachelet.

Who is Mr. Bachelet? Those of you who may not be familiar with French music may have not heard of him. He was a French singer-songwriter and film score composer. He lived between 1944 and 2005. His fascination with Mr. Elvis Presley inspired him to learn the electrical guitar in his youth, in addition to the piano (

Bambi loves this late talented singer for two main reasons: (1) she is fan of French music and culture and (2) his songs rocked her childhood and youth in Beirut. When she was younger, she was a tomboy. However, during early adolescence, when puberty hit, she connected with her feminine side more :). For her, boys mysteriously became more fascinating. Same for romantic music and even literature. She spent time listening to singer-songwriters like Bachelet, writing their lyrics, memorizing them, and even singing them with her frog’s voice.

Bearing the above in mind, as a 51-year-old woman, she will now dive into her past by selecting a few songs to pay tribute to Mr. Pierre Bachelet with. She hopes you will enjoy them, especially his first superb performance of Aznavour’s “Hier encore“. Of note, Bachelet makes Bambi think of funny memories with her DEAR childhood friend Nayla to whom she dedicates his songs :). As for Mr. Bachelet, thanks to him for having existed and may his memory be eternal.

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