Fly to heaven, sweetest Cyntia…

Cyntia at age 2. A picture shared by her mom Youmna last year.

Bambi is speechless. Indeed, she does not know what to think and feel to even know what to write to attempt to pay tribute to Cyntia’s VERY short life.

Like Bambi, speechless are also all Cyntia’s loved ones; from her relatives to her young friends to the older friends and fellow community members of her parents, Youmna and Mohammad, and to her sister, Tia-Isabella. May Cyntia’s mom and dad forgive Bambi for any clumsy word used in this post. Basically, she just want them to know that Louis and herself stand with them in full solidarity and with much love.

Beyond Cyntia’s immediate family, the hearts of her loved ones are shattered across two Atlantic Canadian provinces and countries, including Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. If she may, Bambi sends her heart to not only Cyntia’s parents (+ sister), but also to her larger family abroad. Same goes to all those who were touched by her short journey among us.

Indeed, we ALL share the painful loss of Cyntia’s parents, even if we cannot dare to imagine not even a single drop of the ocean of their sorrow. With them, and with her cute sister, we are all one tear, one hug of solidarity, one moment of silence and of prayer; just like in the beautiful, and hopefully comforting, EL Fatiha prayer (shared below). The latter is followed by the Vole, vole [Fly,Fly] song of Ms. Céline Dion, with English sub-titles. It is performed by Mr. Emmanuel Moire [thanks to him for making it public on Youtube].

This being said, now is the time for Bambi to pause to salute all the community members who came together, in a remarkable way, to support Cyntia’s family to the best of their capacity. Bravo to ALL of them, especially to Lamia and Fred. A big thanks also to Cyntia’s healthcare team at the IWK Hospital in Halifax, NS, and maybe elsewhere as well.

Finally, to end on a spiritual note despite the unbearable pain, Bambi is inspired by the words of faith of Cyntia’s grieving family. To illustrate the latter, she will translate the Arabic words of her obituary: “With much acceptance of God’s will, may he be praised, we mourn our dearest deceased Cyntia Bou Melhem”. May the faith of Cyntia’s mom and dad help them in remaining grounded during their life-long grief journey. May God know how to comfort their aching hearts. Same wish goes to Tia-Isabella and to the extended family.

As for you sweetest Cyntia, fly, fly in peace ❤️… may your memory be eternal. Thank you for having existed. Thanks to your parents for having brought you into the world and to Canada, raised you with much love, and honoured you until your last breath. They are a source of inspiration to Bambi and to all of us!

A recent picture of Cyntia taken in Moncton, NB. Thanks to Lamia for sharing it.

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  1. It’s heartbreaking to lose a child so young. May she rest in peace and condolences and prayers to Cynthia’s parents. May God comfort their hearts to cope with this tremendous loss.🙏🙏🙏

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