“National Make a Friend Day”: to what extent does this mean anything to you?

No clue who declared February 11 National Make a Friend Day
(http://tinyurl.com/4w877fe3), but is there anything sweeter in life than someone you can call a friend?

Humans are social beings. To survive, live, and thrive, they need to be surrounded. Of course, quality of our interpersonal relationships matter much more than quantity.

Those of us lucky to have true and genuine friendships are blessed with life assets. The latter resist geographical distance, time, and silence. They can buffer the effect of high stress and even transcend death.

Bearing all the above in mind, how do those supportive friendships start? In other terms, how do we make new friends? And how do we keep older ones even when we move or when we become too busy with our lives? How do we re-honour those friendships if we have lost them with time or due to misunderstandings? And should we keep all our friends in our lives? When is the time to end them or to keep nurturing them?

How precious are the strangers we meet in times of adversity who smile at us while, slowly but surely, becoming unexpected friends when so-called ones existed our lives?

What about the good Samaritan who extends a hand of support during a challenging moment or a journey of solitude?

And what about each one of us for us: how can we re-connect with the respective forgotten, or neglected, friends within us?

How can we be or remain a good friend to someone else?

Or how do we grieve meaningful seasonal friendships that came to an end? Or those dear friends, like family members, who were taken from us by death?

Lots of questions. The answers belong to each one of us. Time is said to be a good friend in this learning process. You are welcome if you wish to publicly share your thoughts on this topic. If you prefer, Bambi would also enjoy hearing from you more privately. This being said, she will now end this post by thanking you for being her blog’s friends. Have a wonderful day tomorrow whether you will make a new friend or you will act in a friendly way to someone else!

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