Karen & Rana: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to a dear niece and a cousin!

Bambi had a lot on her mind lately. As a result, her memory got a little birthday confusion. Indeed, she wrote in an earlier post dedicated to her cousins that Rana’s birthday was on February 4th, instead of the 6th. Thankfully, she just corrected this little mistake.

Before realizing the above though, and very early this morning, she wrote to both Rana and Karen [in the middle of her sleep :)] to say sorry for having missed their birthdays. How funny this moment was when her sister made her realize that their joint birthday is only tomorrow at their end in Lebanon, which is now at her end in Atlantic Canada.

Well, regardless of the precise day of this special month, she trusts that both Rana and Karen will forgive her for having made them slightly order :). At the end of the day, what matters is the expression of affection and the good wishes. Indeed, Bambi’s heart is filled with love for them. She considers herself blessed to have seen them both a month ago.

This being said, now is the time to conclude their post. In doing so, Bambi will address Karen first by saying the following: your aunt loves you beyond words and is proud of the wonderful woman you became. As for you Rana, your cousin who loves you a lot is inspired by you in so many ways, including your care for your parents (in addition to your cooking talent). Have fun both of you while singing for life, as per Mr. Michel Fugain’s song by Kids United (subtitled in English)!

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