Ms. Shushan Petrosyan: do you like her Armenian version of Aznavour’s “Emmenez-moi”?

She does know about you, but Bambi adores Emmenez-moi [Take me] of the late and great Mr. Charles Aznavour. A song that make us dream of being taken away. Maybe to a sunny country if we are tired of the cold? Maybe to a peaceful location if we happen to be scared or fed up of endless armed conflicts in some parts of the world? Maybe to feel lighter on vacation or to warm our hearts with the genuine love of family or friends who live miles away. And what about if we are dreaming of exploring the world or of a business and/or learning experience abroad?

Regardless of our intrinsic motivations to want to be elsewhere, thankfully we have music and songs to make us travel in our spirit or enjoy the present moment with a fresh outlook. Bearing the latter in mind, Bambi searched Youtube early this morning [or very late last night :)] to hear Emmenez-moi. She came acorss the Armenian version of a gifted singer called, Ms. Shushan Petrosyan. What an interesting musical discovery!

Following Petrosyan’s Armenian version of Aznavour’s eternal French song, Bambi will share his original with English-subtitles. This will be followed by other beautiful French versions by several talented French and French-Canadian artists. Which version do you like the most and why? Bambi will be happy to post your comment or privately hear from you, if if you prefer so.

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