Dalida and Bambi’s dad: what do they have in common?

It is already January 17 in Beirut. Thus, it is officially the birthday (as well as the name day) of Bambi’s dad. All the best to her dearest “baba” or “papy” Antonio (she means Antoine or Tony)! May Saint-Anthony always protect him. Same warm wishes to all the dear Tanios, Tonys, and Antoinette of the larger “tribe” of family and friends in both Beirut and Montreal :). Blessings and love to everyone!

Now what does Dalida have to do with Bambi’s dad, you may wonder? Well, first and foremost, he is a a big fan. He and his beloved Robine even drove all they way from Beirut, in the middle of a raging civil war, to enjoy her concert in Damascus, Syria. Recently, during her last visit to Beirut, while co-enjoying fun puzzle time and a Dalida’s song on the radio, Bambi asked her dad about his memories of this concert. She was so amazing, he said.

Last but not least, and this is what explains the title of this post, Dalida was born on a January 17 (https://shorturl.at/cfjpW). Indeed, she would have turned 91 had she been alive today. Instead, she died too young, namely at age 54. Bravo and thanks to her for the eternal musical legacy. This post will end with some of her songs, which are all dedicated to Bambi’s dad… with MUCH love!

4 thoughts on “Dalida and Bambi’s dad: what do they have in common?”

  1. كل عام وانت طيب وبخير انطوان تمنياتنا لك بالصحه والعافيه والسعادة

    Alles Gute für Dad zu seinem Geburtstag Bambi 🎂

  2. The best of Dalida’s songs🙏🙏 Happy St Anthony’s name sake to your dad Tony. May God bless him with long life and health.

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