A wedding proposal on MEA Airlines: Lebanese people can be very romantic

“Mabrouk”: Congratulations to MEA board agent Abeer and her fiancé :)!

When Bambi arrived to Lebanon, her sister witnessed another proposal on the ground of the Beirut airport by a young man in love asking his girlfriend, who landed on board of the same flight as Bambi, to marry him. Unfortunately, she did not have the chance to shout Mabrouk to them as she was busy with customs : ). To come back to the current story, in the An Nahar video below, you may wish to watch the scene with its hot question in the English language. The video which was public at the moment of writing this post is now private. Thus, you can consult it here: https://shorturl.at/afvZ1 (under the Arabic An Nahar news article).

For Bambi, it is refreshing to read about happy incidents (https://shorturl.at/afvZ1) when touring the news about sad and absurd regional wars, unilaterally imposed by some on their entire populations. Innocent people, caught in the middle of the fire, just want to live in safety while moving on with their personal lives like in this romantic video.

This being said, as usual, the post will end in music with Mr. Ramy Ayyash’s Mabrouk song.


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