Birds of the Netherlands through Salome’s lens!

Those of you who regularly read this blog may remember Salome’s rich insights and heartfelt comments to Bambi and her family.

Today’s post is made possible, thanks to Salome’s talent in photography. Indeed, she managed to capture a majestic view of birds flying in the skies of the Netherlands. She did it both with a beautiful picture and in a brief yet breathtaking video recording.

Some of you may know a bit more about how much Bambi and her spouse are fond of Salome, her sister Bente, their parents, and of their relatives too. Their family and Bambi’s family are united in love and continuous care. Thus, it would be only fair to describe this treasure of life as one family across the ocean.

Of note, with much anticipation, it is Bambi’s dream to share with you one day Salome’s songwriting and singing talent. This post’s birds would be intimidated and touched by her unique voice. Please Salome keep appreciating beauty around you. Most importantly, keep being part of our world’s most lovely beauty, both inside and outside.

What an awesome picture taken by Salome in the Netherlands!
Dank u well Salome for your captivating brief video of birds in the Netherlands!

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