How about starting 2024 in singing?

Happy 2024, again. How is the start of your year thus far? Bambi hopes you are having or you had good times. May you be well throughout the year, regardless of its ups and downs.

Since her last post, Bambi has been silent yet active working on a forthcoming post in which she will introduce you to a great book she enjoyed SO much. Stay tuned please!

For now, she is not much into talking or writing. She is more into singing (yes, even frogs enjoy this activity). From out of Beirut, where she happens to be right now, she will share two songs. Sadly, one remains timely in a country and region filled with violence and its endless absurdity. The other is a sweet Lebanese melody, which reminds her of her dear cousins, especially Zeina with her BEAUTIFUL voice. It is her hope that her blog will include forthcoming posts highlighting her talent [no pressure on her, just a public reminder that Bambi is a fan :)].

Have a good day everyone!

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