A little friendly wink to Armenia!

At the end of a long day, Bambi will pause with a loving thought for a country she loves dearly. Yes, she means Armenia. Indeed, those who knew her as a child, or who regularly read this blog, may recall that her nickname is “Bambineh” :). It means “I am Bambi” in the beautiful Armenian language.

Bearing the above in mind, why is Bambi thinking of Armenia today? Well, thirty-five years ago (precisely on December 7, 1988), it was hit by a devastating earthquake, which killed between 25,000 and 50,000 people in addition to up to 130,000 who were injured (https://shorturl.at/hIMN5). Those of us old enough may recall the sad TV images about this natural tragedy. Thankfully, we can also remember Mr. Charles Aznavour’s fantastic French song, which helped raise much needed funds for the Armenian people.

To end this post in music, Bambi will start with Aznavour’s song. Selfishly, she will also spoil her own ears (and hopefully yours too :)) with an Armenian (+ French and English) love song, which she adores. May love and peace prevail in Armenia and everywhere.

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