Magic in the skies of Sackville, NB

This post shares two pictures, which Bambi took this evening on the way back to her small town called Sackville.

She does now know about you, but Bambi had a beautiful day from its start to its end. Not any day though. One where her late mom was almost constantly on her mind (since yesterday before closing her eyes to sleep). Indeed, she was still vividly present in her spirit, even while driving.

Clearly, Robine would have loved the view of the skies of Sackville during this drive, especially that she visited this charming Canadian small town four times in her lifetime (with Bambi’s dad). Of note, one of their visits took place in the late fall, or early winter, just like this time of the year. Interestingly, while Bambi was at work, Robine and Antoine drove all over the South-Eastern region of the province, including its charming beaches.

To conclude this brief post on a musical note, Bambi will offer her mom in heaven Ms. Isabelle Boulay’s French-Canadian song entitled “Perce les nuages” [Break through the clouds] (

“Break through the clouds

From here to the open sea

In the open sun

You amaze me

From the horizon

Take your beams

Warm me up

I need it

You, the wind of the sea

Go and tell my mother

How much I love her

And how beautiful she is

Go towards the horizon

Take my song

Sing it

To her ear…”

A picture taken by Bambi on the Trans-Canada highway toward Sackville, NB.

A picture taken by Bambi on the Trans-Canada highway toward Sackville, NB.

4 thoughts on “Magic in the skies of Sackville, NB”

  1. How comforting for you to have shared Sackville ‘s beauty with your mom. Those happy memories will assure you that your mom is in peace, relaxed about you. Tante Robine’s loving soul will always be present.

    1. Oh sweetest Zeina who was so loved by your “Tante Robine”, many thanks for your moving words. May the memory of Sousou and your/her dearest dad (“Ammo Maroun”) be eternal. Perhaps Bambi’s soul is hanging out with them now, who knows? You take good care at your end. Thank you for enriching this blog with your comments full of love and compassion.

  2. Wait and see, you are going to feel her Presence more and more and sometimes it will shake you all as vivid you will feel it. Way better than alive. She was ONE amazing Lady and will always be. Tante Robine miss you and love you dearly. 💕🙏🏻🙏🏻💕

    1. Ohhh Jojo 💕🌷🙏— Bambi thanks you and loves you so much! A loving heavenly wink to “tante Madame Nicole” too 🌷❤️.

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