Kfar Hbab, Mount Lebanon: thanks to Hala for sharing a lovely sunset picture

Lebanon’s fate is still pending. However, its beauty is never-fading.

Hala, Bambi’s childhood friend, appreciated the latest post featuring Louis’ beautiful pictures of the sunset in PEI, Atlantic Canada. This was especially true as she was enjoying a stunning view of the Lebanese sunset from her own balcony. She captured the precious moment, which she sent to Bambi who asked if she can in turn share it with her readers.

Thank you, dear Hala, for your incredible support and continuous generosity. You have enriched this blog with meaningful contributions. In her heart’s prayer, Bambi asks God to protect you and your family in Lebanon’s incredibly delicate times. May you keep enjoying the beauty of our birth country now and for years to come. May we be able to see each other as soon as realistically possible. Until then, please take good care ❤️.

A picture taken by Hala in Kfar Hbab, Lebanon.

2 thoughts on “Kfar Hbab, Mount Lebanon: thanks to Hala for sharing a lovely sunset picture”

  1. I feel lucky to be featured on your blog my [Bamboum] and be able to share the beauty of our beloved country ❤ I just love capturing photos of the sunset which I like to call the Lebanese “aurora borealis” 😁. Say Hi to Louis and Claire (I’ll be sending you photos especially for her 😉). Big hugs my wonderful friend! ❤😘😘

    1. Oh Hala, as usual, you are full of thoughtfulness. Will do, as you requested. Claire will be delighted as she is a gifted painter and appreciates the beauty of nature even more! OK, now, very funny: Bambi also called the view of sunset in PEI and Louis’ pictures, ‘Aurores boréales’ [Northern Lights] :). The way you tease Lebanon’s sunsets is even funnier given the geography :)! With its natural beauty, may Lebanon succeed in remaining or becoming again a light for prosperity at all levels: economically, scientifically, culturally, artistically, diplomatically, and most importantly at the levels of humanity, forces of life, love, and happiness to its people and to the entire world. Big hugs back and much love!

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