Why are we bringing the problem of the Middle East to Canada?

It is with much sadness that Bambi quickly read the news of Canada, mainly of Québec, and learned about the following: arguments resulting in insults, injuries, and arrest at Concordia University (https://tinyurl.com/46cm67ph). Most significantly (as it is about criminality), she read about shooting at two Jewish schools, as well as vandalism of a synagogue, and a Jewish centre (https://tinyurl.com/bdevu9tv).

Can someone tell Bambi how could these fellow Canadians of Jewish heritage be responsible for the violence in another continent? Why are we harassing and scaring them? Why are we conflating? Of course, Bambi would have said the exact same thing had the targets been of Arab origins.

To conclude this brief post, Bambi will leave you and leave herself with a song by the late French singer, Mr. Daniel Lévi,entitled L’Envie d’aimer [the Desire to Love]. Why is it that complicated to believe in love, like the beautiful lyrics of the song? Why can’t we spread love around us in our daily lives, especially in times of much darkness in our world? Why can’t we try to listen to each other and learn from each other? Together, we may come to new opinions or imagine a better future? Why should we resort to unacceptable violence just because we are upset about this or that conflict around the world?

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