Happy National Louie Day to Louis!

Cheers to all those called Ludwig, Louie, Louis, Lewis, Lou, Lew, and… Louisa!

Did you know that today is the National Louie Day (https://shorturl.at/bdwLR)? Yes, today is the day “on which everyone gathers to praise and honour every person with the name Louie that exists” (https://shorturl.at/bdwLR).

Given the above, and because he deserves it [and no she is not biased :)], Bambi would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Louis, her spouse!

Louis’ name is pronounced like Louie, but written with its French variant, Louis. The choice of his beautiful name was a loving compromise between his anglophone dad and his francophone mom.

Indeed, “Louie is a slight variation of the name Louis. This is a name of French origin, Latinized from the German name ‘Ludwig,’ which means “renowned warrior.” The most popular variants of Louie include Lewis, Lou, Lew, and Louisa, a feminine form of the name [hello to Luisa, if she happens to be reading now :)!] (https://shorturl.at/bdwLR).

Of note, “Louie’s are found primarily in English-speaking areas, such as England, New Zealand, and even the Dutch-speaking country of the Netherlands. Its popularity has also risen significantly in the nordic country Sweden” (https://shorturl.at/bdwLR).

For some of you who love fiction, you may perhaps already know that the Simpsons include a mafia member called “Louie”. Same for one of Donald Duck‘s nephews (https://shorturl.at/bdwLR).

As far as Bambi is concerned, she is a fan of French actor/comedian Louis de Funès (https://shorturl.at/opP79). Of course, indepedent of comedy, the name “Louis” means a lot to her since it is the street where her dad’s store is located in Lebanon. Long live Azar Electric on Saint-Louis’ street in Beirut, as per the older post below.

French actor Louis de Funès.
A picture found on the internet.

To conclude this post, Bambi would like to offer Louis two songs and a brief YouTube video featuring Louis de Funès in both English and French. Happy national name day, Luigi!

4 thoughts on “Happy National Louie Day to Louis!”

  1. Oh La La il y a un jour pour LOUIS. Mais alors Chef Louigui c’est quand???
    I Hope you cooked for him tonight. Happy name day Louis.

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