Mr. Félix Leclerc: like love, his talent transcends death, even after 35 years

What could be said about the late and great Mr. Félix Leclerc? If we listen to his music, poems, and songs, it is all there. No need to add anything else.

Still, for those who may not know him, Bambi will share the following: He was an inspiring French-Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, playwright, writer, actor…. and, of course, a tireless patriot and musical ambassador of Québec ( Mr. Leclerc was born on August 2, 1914. He died on August 8, 1988. May his memory be eternal.

Mr. Félix Leclerc was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1968 ( Of note, he was inducted postmortem into the Canadian Songwriters of Fame for his three beautiful songs: “Le P’tit Bonheur“, “Le Tour de l’île“, “Moi et mes souliers” ( Bravo!

If you happen to be either nostalgic or curious to discover this Canadian talent, here are a few songs for you. Leclerc’s talent is expressed in both the universal language of music and the most beautiful French language.

In conclusion, “Merci, Monsieur Félix Leclerc” for ALL your great songs, including “Le p’tit bonheur” [“The little happiness“] (subtitled in English, in addition to Spanish), “La complainte du phoque en Alaska” [“The lament of the seal in Alaska“], Gaspésie, and Île d’Orléans. The latter are two charming regions of Québec, Canada, with welcoming people [and deer :)]. Highly recommended, as touristic destinations!

Quand les hommes vivront d’amour” [“When men will live for love”]: This beautiful song
about peace and love was composed by Mr. Raymond Lévesque. It is performed
here by Leclerc, along with Vigneault, and Charlebois (with French sub-titles).

2 thoughts on “Mr. Félix Leclerc: like love, his talent transcends death, even after 35 years”

  1. The music and his celebration of his home, what he loves and the magic of his surroundings transcends in the music. This place has called me for a long time. Thank-you for sharing

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