Beirut: mourning the third anniversary of its surreal blast with music

May the memory of all the victims of August 4 (2020) be eternal.

May Beirutis continue to heal and may their city remember, rise, and shine again.

May peace and love prevail, even if truth and justice are still pending.

This deep French-Canadian song, entitled Tu trouveras la paix [You Will Find Peace], was composed by Mr. Stéphane Venne (Verdun, Québec) in 1971. May it bring a ray of healing to those impacted by August 4, 2020.
Mr. Ghassan Rahbani’ powerful song (2020), Ersom Omri [Tracing the Course of My Life] is sub-titled in English.
Shout was composed in English by Mr. Michel Awad (2021) to honour the memory of his grand-daughter, 3-year-old “Lexou” (Alexandra Naggear). Performed by Mr. Awad’s and Ms. Jallad (a friend of Lexou’s mom), this beautiful tribute is dedicated “to all the victims, the injured, and the 4.5M traumatized“.
Mr. Fadi Bazzi’s heartfelt and empowering song (2020), Beyrouth, is sub-titled in English.
Thanks again to Khaled, Algeria-born rai singer, musician and songwriter for his great tribute song (2020),
Elle s’appelle Beyrouth” [Her Name is Beyrouth], in partnership with Lebanese musician and DJ Rhodge
(Mr. Rodge Saad). Their song, which served to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross, is performed
here by SOS Children, along with Mr. Khaled (at the end). It is sub-titled in French and Arabic.
Mr. Ghassan Saliba’s song, which is subtitled in Arabic, is moving and straight to the point. It is entitled Maakouli chi nhar? [Is It Possible One Day?]. This song gives a voice to “the bewildered population of this country when it has no decision-making. It begs for justice from any place and any forum of decision-making”.
Mr. Anthony Ojeil’s moving yet uplifting song (2020), Vent d’espoir [Wind of Hope], is an
adaptation of Mr. Jacques Brel’s “Le plat pays“. Sub-titled in French, it shows Lebanon’s beautiful
sceneries, along with a brief disturbing scene from the August 4 surrealistic tragedy.
Mr. Enrico Macias’, older yet eternal “Beyrouth” song (1963), is not subtitled in any language.

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