Ottawa’s contradictions: “Trudeau ‘open’ to changing O Canada lyrics, says it’s up to Canadians”. If so, why is the CBC’s comment section not open to readers?

First, the title of this post is the first contradiction in this story. On one hand, our federal politicians tell us they care about our input. On the other hand, the government-funded media does not allow any expression of opinions or questions. Since there is no way of commenting on this media page, Bambi will do it on her own blog now.

Second, the CBC and Mr. Trudeau are insinuating that the English version of the Oh Canada could be changed from “Oh Canada, our home and native land” to “Oh Canada, our home on native land” ( Of note, this article came out on Canada Day. It did not even wait until the fun of the long weekend was over. If this is not a patriotic kill joy, what is it then?

Bambi wonders if Mr. Trudeau had thought about her Indigenous fellow Canadian citizens who do not endorse this change. They will likely not be included in the consultation process. Who knows? If they are vocal, some of them could be perhaps silenced too, like the rest of us, by a radical left that lost contact with reason, tolerance, humour, and love (including patriotic love).

Third, Ottawa has increased its immigration threshold to 500 000 per year. Does it mean that Canada is into massive “colonization” now, with the suggested change of “home on native land“? When Bambi and her family immigrated to Canada in 1990, the embassy she escaped to in Cyprus was, and is still, called the Canadian embassy? To be congruent, will the name eventually change to something else now to reflect the change of our national anthem? Will the ideological politicians and elite push for such change too one day? To borrow Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté’s own term, Canada looks increasingly like Wokanada.

Fourth, Ottawa is much into slogans and imposed ideologies, from top to bottom, like what is called diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ironically, although not surprisingly, what they seem to be resorting to is division. This time in a highly symbolic way on a highly symbolic day.

P.S: There is nothing wrong with a movement, like wokeism when it is a choice among others and even if it is the vision of a government. However, to become the religion of a government and to be imposed on us all, is a slippery slope in Bambi’s mind. In the meantime, change or no change to Oh Canada, the problem of clean drinking water on reserves remains unsolved, despite the hard work of the Government of Canada, along with First Nations communities ( and the good online transparency, as shown below. With this regard, well done Canada. Why can’t the CBC be transparent with Canadians in the same manner?

A screenshot taken from the Government of Canada‘s website.

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