Robine & Antoine Azar: Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary!

Every day is meant to celebrate love and take care of one another. However, today is not like any other day for Antoine [or Antonio :)] and Robine [or Robinette :)] How could it be when they are celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary?!

To the above noble statistic, we can add seven additional years of romance since their youth (before getting married). The end result of all these years together is a cocktail of passion, tenderness, and commitment to one another. Related to this beautiful cocktail, Bambi was very moved last July to learn about her parents’ love letters, numbered and mailed daily, back and forth between Beirut and München, for an entire year when they lived in different continents. Many decades later, a brutal and bloody-civil war, with its resulting family migration to Canada toward its very end, separated them again for a few years. Once again, it is their love for their children that made them make and assume tough family decisions.

To conclude this musical post, Bambi will say the following to her parents: Mama (or Mommy) and Baba (or Pappy), today is your time and space to celebrate your love, along with your children and grand-children’s love. You have given the latter, including Bambi, SO MUCH across the years. Indeed, she would have not been where she is in Canada, in her career and in personal life, without your continuous support and blessing. Today, she is grateful more than ever. She loves you both deeply ?? and wishes you a fun day. May God always bless your inspiring love!

10 thoughts on “Robine & Antoine Azar: Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary!”

  1. Happy belated 57th wedding anniversary to our dearest, most wonderful Ammo Antoine and Tante Robine!! You have always been such an amazing role model as a couple! May you continue this journey together with endless blessings and nothing but happiness and good health. Sending you both, from the bottom of our hearts, our very best wishes and all our love.

    1. Oh dearest Zeina, they will be deeply moved by your lovely comment and wishes. Thank you from Bambi who loves you so much!

  2. عقبال ال 100 انطوان وروبين صحة وعافية وسعادة.. اصبحنا لا نعرف أن نقول انطوان بدون مانقول روبين في نفس واحد والعكس . دائما انطوان وروبين في نفس واحد.. ربنا يخليكم لبعض ويسعد ايامكم ويعافيكم.

  3. Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary to Tony and Robine, many happy and healthy returns to you dear friends el Omer killou ya rab. ???Anis and Leila

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