Channel 4 News: “Inside Lebanon’s crisis: why families are fleeing to Europe”

This short video is a heart-breaking documentary on the Lebanese economic tragedy. Thank you Channel 4 News for shedding light on the suffering of a father and his son.

Indeed, the father’s tears, along with his son’s reported past suicide attempt, speak volumes about the current despair of the Lebanese people. When will systemic corruption end in Lebanon?

In Canada, we have bills that allow us to die with dignity, if we wish (thankfully). In contrast, Lebanese people are deprived of their right to just live with dignity. To end this post with music, one song comes to Bambi’s mind now. It’s Mr. Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, in an acapella version in both English and Arabic (shared earlier). May God save Bambi’s birth country from its endemic corruption and comfort its sweet people.

One thought on “Channel 4 News: “Inside Lebanon’s crisis: why families are fleeing to Europe””

  1. What Lebanon is going through is a catastrophic situation. 80% if not more of the Lebanese people are below poverty line. And the UN main mission in Lebanon is to take care of the Syrian refugees who are multiplying in numbers daily. There are over 800,000 new born Syrian children in Lebanon. The main cause of this disaster falls on the shoulders of our corrupt politicians who care less about the Lebanese people and keep syphoning what’s left of the depositors money in the banks. God help Lebanon ??

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