Do you enjoy watching birds?

A lovely bird found on the internet!

Do you enjoy watching, and even feeding, birds like Bambi’s parents in Beirut and like many Maritimers? Thankfully, in New Brunswick, we are blessed with colourful birds. Indeed, this morning Bambi saw a superb red one. Unfortunately, she did not have enough time for a picture. The other day she saw three, one yellow, one partly blue, and the other looked like a little zebra. It was the first time she sees the latter.

This being said, as a pure coincidence, she now came across the latest beautiful song of Mr. Nicola Ciconne. Guess what? It is entitled “Comme un oiseau” [“Like a Bird”].

For your convenience, a quick translation of its lyrics will follow the melody, with a slight adaptation by Bambi ( with the assistance of her faithful friend, Mr. Google Translate.

As for your lovely birds, please keep singing, flying, and being free. Thank you for making us happier just by watching you, whether we live in Sackville, Beirut, or anywhere else on our beautiful planet.

“My heart is a bird

That cannot be caged

My voice is a flag

A desire, a courage

Even if sometimes I fall

Blown by the wind

I always get up

And carry on straight ahead.

My heart is a boat

Who does not know how to shipwreck

My faith is a stream

One love, one rage

Even if sometimes I tremble

And weather the storm

I never give up

I never stop.

Go fly, fly

You my beautiful bird

Follow your mad dash

Gonna touch the beautiful

Go fly, fly

You my beautiful bird

Fly further

And still higher.

Sometimes my wings break

On the back of the clouds

Sometimes my eyes get tired

And I only see mirages

But my dream stays there

It refuses to surrender

It struggles despite the cold

And it lives in spite of the world.

One day I will arrive

At the end of my journey

One day I will ask myself

And touch a shore

Then I will be free

As free as the wind

And life will be beautiful

As beautiful as a child”.

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