With the utmost respect, along with love: Bambi remembers the Armenian genocide of 1915-16

The three songs featured in this post consist of: (1) “Amazing Grace”. What a beautiful English prayer performed by Mr. Andrea Bocelli during the pandemic; (2) “Nehna Hoon Men Iche” [We live here] a heartfelt tribute to the Armenian heritage of Lebanese people in both Lebanese-Arabic and Armenian. Thank you and bravo, Mr. Ghassan Rahbani; and (3) “Pour toi Arménie”, a famous song to Armenia composed by Aznavour, Garvarentz, and Yaman following the 1988 earthquake. Bravo to Ms. Hélène Ségara and to the kids singing with her.

May the memory of the estimated 1.5 million Armenians (along with other Ottoman genocides, including 950 000 Greeks and 750 000 Assyrians) all be eternal (https://bit.ly/3V2eXTd) ?.

“Never again” is Bambi’s prayer for humanity not just today, but every single day.

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