Dr. Hassan Diab: why hasn’t Canada already said NO to France’s second extradition request?

Bambi has an earlier post on Dr. Hassan Diab’s saga, shown further below. There are many question marks about his case since 1980 and what appears like misleading media titles.

First and foremost, the bombing of the synagogue in 1980 in Paris (and the resulting death, injuries, and long-term trauma) is OF COURSE unacceptable. The victims and their families deserve the truth, justice (if possible), and healing.

Second, some international media titles, like the BBC, include the term “synagogue bomber convicted after 43 years” (https://bbc.in/40vJ2Mf). The latter, despite the following: an apparently weak evidence, contradictions, high emotions, which seem more important than solid evidence, and Diab’s continuous claim of innocence. Is he truly the man behind this horrible crime? The question remains open, despite the latest verdict of guilt and a lifetime sentence in French prisons.

Third, it is interesting to read all the Canadian mainstream media titles, which refer to “the supporters of Dr. Diab” who are urging Dr. Lamotti, Canada Minister of Justice, to have the courage to say NO to his extradition to France. Dr. Diab already went through a legal process in France once. He even spent a long time in jail there, and the French courts had a different verdict back then. Why are they still pushing this case in absentia and why is Canada not firm about it?

Bambi finds the titles telling us that only the vocal supporters of Dr. Diab misleading. Indeed, she does not call herself a supporter of Dr. Diab. Yet, in addition to publicly supporting him and his spouse on her blog in the past, she signed a petition yesterday night urging Dr. Lametti to say NO to France.

A related question to the above, does Bambi have compassion to the victims? Of course, she has the UTMOST respect for their pain. However, taking the risk of scapegoating a potentially innocent fellow Canadian citizen, especially AFTER his case has been closed before, will not bring healing to anyone. Indeed, we do not solve an injustice by creating another one.

Now, just for the sake of the benefit of the doubt, even if Dr. Diab is truly guilty of the 1980 horror story, what France is doing is odd from the point of view of Canada and the law. Why are they asking for his second extradition for the same allegation? It sounds like a legal harassment, even if Bambi is not a legal expert. This is why Bambi joins her voice to the REAL “supporters” of Dr. Diab to urge Canada not to hand him to France for a lifetime sentence in jail.

One thought on “Dr. Hassan Diab: why hasn’t Canada already said NO to France’s second extradition request?”

  1. It seems to me that to extradite him now would violate at least the spirit of “double jeopardy”, if not the technicalities of it.

    My suggestion is that he should not be extradited a second time EVEN IF guilty.

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