Corneille: Happy Birthday!

Corneille is both inspiring and talented!

We are lucky to have Corneille among our great Canadian singers-song writers!

He sings in both official languages and his songs are beautiful.

He brings both smiles and peace to our faces despite “coming from far away” like his inspiring song “Parce qu’on vient de loin” ( An English translation of its powerful lyrics follows the Youtube video (taken from:

May the memory of his assassinated Rwandan family, in front of his OWN eyes, be eternal. May God bless his resilient and peaceful heart, own beautiful family, and great musical talent. Selfishly, Bambi wants more of it!

Happy Birthday to Corneille, born on March 24, 1977 (Freiburg, Germany )❤️!

Because we come from far away

We are our own fathers

So young yet so old

Makes me think… you know

We are our own mothers

So young and so serious

But it’s going to change

We spend our time

Making up plans for tomorrow

While the weather

Is going by, leaving us empty and doubtful

We lose too much time

Sweating, grazing our hands

What’s the point of it if we’re not sure to see tomorrow ?

– Nothing


So we live every day as if it was the last one

And you’d do the same if only you knew

How many times the end of the world came close to us

So we live every day as if it was the last one

Because we come from far away

But when times are hard

We think, worse than our story can’t exist

And when the winter is long

We merely reflect heat will come back to us

And that’s easy in this way

Day after day

We can see how much everything is short-lived

So even with love

I’ll love every Queen as if she was the last one

The air is too heavy

When you only live with prayers

As for me, I [savour] every moment

Much before

The light goes out


Day after day

We can see how short-lived everything is

So let’s live while we can still do it


(chorus x2).

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