Dr. Frédéric Bastien: “Council of Muslims Sponsors Extremism” [“Le Conseil des musulmans commandite l’extrémisme”]

Thank you, Dr. Frédéric Bastien for this shocking yet sadly not surprising article published yesterday in the Journal de Montréal (https://bit.ly/3IV0Uuf). Below is a quick English translation for you, thanks to Mr. Google Translate for assisting Bambi in this task.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCMC) is an increasingly influential Islamist organization. Amira Elghawaby, for example, the controversial commissioner against “Islamophobia”, who took office this week, worked for the NCMC for five years.

Stephen Brown, its president, compared Bill 21 to anti-black racism. The organization is challenging this legislation with grants from English-Canadian cities. This is illegal according to a lawsuit against Toronto supported by the Justice for Quebec organization that I chair.

Meanwhile, Brown spoke at a convention in Toronto last December that was sponsored by the CNMC, among others. Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the NDP, was also there. The presence of extremist speakers speaks volumes about the NCMC values.

Terrorist conspiracy

There is Imam Siraj Wahhaj. In the past, he compared homosexuality to a disease and attacked the fact that, in Toronto, moderate Muslims wanted to create a mosque open to gays (which has since been done). This had to be refused even if the law allowed it. “We will not let them establish this mosque […] we will fight against them, these homosexuals will have to block access to their mosque”.

Wahhaj also rose to fame following the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. The US government named him as one of the potential “co-conspirators” of this attack, which the person concerned (who has not not been charged) denies.

Adam al-Kawthari is another example. He defends the cutting of the hand in case of theft. I reassure you however, he then defended himself by saying that this should apply only in Islamic countries, as if this practice thus became less barbaric!

In a book published a few years ago, he also explains that a man can beat his wife, but not hard, I assure you, and only if certain conditions are met! Which? If “she commits physical or verbal abuse or if she violates the rules of Islam”.


What else can we say about Ustadh Yahya Rhodus? In 2004, while undergoing religious training in Yemen, this American convert to Islam was interviewed by the Australian television channel ABC. He refused to condemn Al-Qaeda on the pretext that he was not sufficiently informed on the subject. Three years earlier, this terrorist group had nevertheless claimed responsibility for the assassination of almost 3,000 of Mr. Rhodus’ fellow citizens during the September 11 attacks.

Let us also mention Mufti Hussain Kamani, of the Qalam Institute. This organization has produced a manual which enjoins Muslims in particular to be clean and pure so as not to “look like Jews”. Kamani further said that in the Islamic religion people who commit adultery or have sex outside marriage should be stoned to death.

It should be noted here that Ottawa is subsidizing the NCMC for a total of $635,423 for the period from 2018 to 2024. Part of this money is supposed to be used to promote multiculturalism, to fight against racism, against “Islamophobia” … and against hate! Along with all this, the feds are going to challenge Bill 21 in the Supreme Court.

This is Canada. On the one hand, we finance Québec bashing, anti-Semitism, misogyny and homophobia. On the other hand, Québec secularism is being attacked in court”.

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