To Dima: a song to comfort your heart and pay tribute to your, and our, adorable dog Twix

Your memory will be eternal CUTEST Twix.
A picture taken by Bambi on Christmas eve.

Twix, shown in the picture above, died at the noble age of 13.

He lived a LONG dog life filled with love and joy; thanks to you Dima who took care of him with such an inspiring care until his last breath. Thanks also to Rana and Jeff as well as Mary, Mounir, and Jad.

As you can see in the picture above, Twix was a bundle of joy, putting a smile on everyone’s faces, not just Dima’s, bu also her family members’ and friends’, including Bambi and her spouse.

He survived the Beirut explosion and enjoyed the peace of Moncton, New Brunswick, until he left our world.

He was fun and SO funny. He also knew his body and age limit very well. He kindly and joyfully greeted guests (humans and deer) and then alternated dog welcoming excitement with napping times, as needed.

Bambi will take this opportunity to thank all those who took care of Twix in the two chapters of his life, Lebanon and Canada, from family members to care providers. She will also name someone who also was there for him in the last moments across the miles. Yes, it is you Gina.

To come back to you Twix, Bambi was honoured to spend Christmas with you (OK with human friends too…!). Thank you again Dima for those unforgettable heart-warming moments and incredible meal. She sadly did not have enough time to see Twix/you since then, but he will always be in her heart. As for you (as well your family in NB and Lebanon), Bambi sends you all, and especially you Dima, a BIG virtual hug with much love ❤️! As you know, we are family too, not just close friends. Your sorrow is naturally her grief too. She looks forward to seeing you soon… “inshallah”; this time with one of us missing… because he is more happily resting in heaven.

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