May Ms. Rebecca Dykes’ memory be eternal…

In a pinned tweet in the Arabic language, the British Embassy in Lebanon wrote the following: “Lebanon’s Court of Cassation has rejected an appeal by Tariq Houshieh and affirmed his guilt for the brutal murder in 2017 of our dear colleague Rebecca [“‘Becky’] Dykes. We are grateful to all of those who have contributed to the final resolution of this case after many months of delay”.

Bambi will never forget Ms. Rebecca Dykes. Upon her arrival to Beirut, precisely on December 16, 2019, the body of Ms. Dykes was found dumped by the side of a road near Beirut. A few days or weeks earlier, she was brutally raped and killed by an Uber driver who seems to have been known for his criminal record, according to international media, including Sky News ( Back then, like her birth country, Bambi was deeply shocked by this tragedy. She kept thinking of the parents of Ms. Dykes, especially around Christmas time.

Actually, Ms. Dykes and her family remained on Bambi’s mind, and surely in her heart, beyond the end of her trip to Lebanon. She wanted to follow this story in the media, but since then, multiple crises happened in Lebanon, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic. There were no more news about this fatal brutality.

Yet, Bambi kept thinking of Ms. Dykes’ parents and wondered about the legal outcome of their tragedy. Same when the Beirut explosion happened destroying the last nice places their daughter likely had fun in with her colleagues, ahead of their holidays, before she called a cab. Instead of taking her home, it took her to a horrible death. If Bambi recalls well, Ms. Dykes’ parents were expecting her at the airport, back home, not knowing yet what had happened to her in Lebanon. Can you imagine a single drop of the ocean of their shock? May their daughter’s memory be eternal. May today’s news, and time, bring more healing to their forever aching hearts. Same for her colleagues and friends. More healing to all of them.

To conclude this post, and if she may, Bambi would like to thank you Ms. Rebecca Dykes for your kind, humanitarian service in Lebanon. Sadly, the latter was the place where a barbaric criminality ended your life. May you rest in peace now and may your memory be eternal… ❤️

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