Lebanon: Peacekeepers deserve to be thanked, not killed

A tragic and dangerous development happened in South Lebanon today, as per international and Lebanese media (https://bit.ly/3HEWDeb).

Indeed, although the details are still unclear and conflicting, we know that 23-year-old Irish UNIFIL Private Seán Rooney was killed today, in South Lebanon, while another peer is in a critical condition and two others are mildly injured.

UN peacekeepers spend most of the year away from their loved ones in risky places of the world. They contribute to stability and peace in our world. They surely deserve to be thanked, and even honoured, not killed.

Of course, such a tragic incident in a highly volatile region like Lebanon is not a piece of good news for neither peace nor love in our world. To this, Bambi feels like saying: Hands off Lebanon and off those who silently work to keep it safe and stable.

To conclude this brief post, and if she may, Bambi would like to thank Private Seán Rooney for his service. She also sends her condolences to his Irish and UNIFIL families. May his memory be eternal. May his colleagues heal smoothly. As for Lebanon, may God protect it and keep everyone there safe and sound.

Good-bye Private Seán Rooney and thank you. A picture taken from ABC News.

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